If Last Year is Anything to Go By, Pornhub Will Get a Spike in Star Wars-Related Searches Today

By Tom Pritchard on at

As you may be aware, today is Star Wars day, because reasons. While it can be seen as an excuse for big companies to peddle you Star Wars-themed tat, people do get into the swing of things in their own *ahem* personal way. Case in point, Pornhub has released stats from May 4th 2017 revealing people start use the day as an excuse to look for porn from a galaxy far, far away.

As you can see in the graph below, last year saw Star Wars-related searches increase by 1043 per cent on May 4th, only to see a massive drop the very next day.

As you might imagine there was a big growth in more specific related searches, particularly everyone's favourite rebel scum Princess Leia. Definitely something to do with that bikini Disney seems rather embarrassed about. There's also a big jump in porn parodies of the films, which suggests the day is reminding people that such films exist. I would assume some of them are making an event out of it, much like regular geeks use May 4th to sit down and watch the saga.

If you weren't convinced it was the Star Wars nerds doing this, the fact people are searching for 'Aayla Secura' might clue you in. She's quite a niche character, only having a handful of appearances in the new canon, so only the more die hard fans will remember her. And yes, she's a Twi'lek.

And of course there are the search terms. Somewhat disturbingly there's a 766 per cent spike in people searching for lightsaber porn. I don't even want to know what entails, because even a training saber could do some serious damage if there's sex involved.

Finally Pornhub notes that May 4th isn't the only time Star Wars searches spike. It also happens whenever a new film comes out, though The Force Awakens being Star Wars' triumphant return beat Rogue One and The Last Jedi by a significant amount.

As for the demographics Pornhub found that men are far more likely to search for Star Wars porn than women, with the 18-24 group doing it the most. Windows users are 28 per cent more likely to search for it on their desktops than Mac owners, though iOS owners are 10 per cent more likely to seek it out than their Android counterparts.

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