It's Tourist Season so Scientists are Dredging Loch Ness Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists who fancy a romantic busman's holiday to the Scottish highlands have come up with a new reason to examine the contents of Loch Ness, with this latest team hoping to analyse the water to hunt for the DNA signatures of mysterious contents.

Prof Neil Gemmell is leading the project/holiday, and he's being upfront about not believing in the monster stories. He is a serious scientist, after all, and he might lose a grant or two if he reveals himself as a nutcase. Gemmell said: "I don't believe in the idea of a monster, but I'm open to the idea that there are things yet to be discovered and not fully understood. Maybe there's a biological explanation for some of the stories."

As in... maybe there's a big fish in there? An underwater squad of YouTube pranksters?

The science part will see water samples from the loch examined in laboratories around the world, where any loose DNA – from fish, plants, or monsters – can be compared against databases to examine the loch's contents. Although if there is a monster, surely there won't be any pre-existing monster DNA in the DNA databases to create a match, so... a free holiday and some social media content for professor Gemmell is the most likely outcome of 2018's Nessie hunt. [BBC]