Japanese PM Made to Eat Pudding From a Shoe

By Gary Cutlack on at

A posh chef had an interesting idea for a thing to do at a high-profile diplomatic dinner – serve a selection of post-dinner sweets in a shoe. Not just any shoe, but an aluminium cast brogue. How clever. Hence a photo of Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe doing quite a believable smile with a shoe in front of him on the dinner table.

That's the prime minister of Japan, though, a country that everyone knows likes it when visitors take their shoes off, because a complicated form of shoe etiquette exists whereupon footwear is generally left outside of doors, or in hallways, and not considered a nice thing to have in the home. Footwear is most certainly not packed with sweets and put on the dinner table, hence this is bit like like one of us being given a Mars bar in surgical support sock.

This monumental diplomatic faux pas comes courtesy of chef Segev Moshe, who use the £150 metal shoe as his improvised pudding bowl. He put a better photo of the shoe and its contents on Instagram, where plenty of internet people are busy telling him. [Dezeen]