Jump Back in Time and See What Your Twitter Feed Looked Like in 2008

By Tom Pritchard on at

May 2008 was a very different time. Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, Iron Man was in cinemas, there was only one iPhone, Giz UK wasn't even a pipe dream, and the prospect of Star Wars returning to cinemas was laughable at best. Twitter was also only two years old, and barely used by anyone. It was a very different place, devoid of American presidents and a large number of major news organisations.

While scrolling back through Twitter timelines seems like a chore, it is possible to jump back and take a look at what was going on 10 years ago.

My past feed is dominated by two individuals, one of which is everyone's favourite peddler of fake/joke news The Onion. Obviously I wasn't on Twitter back then, so the time jump simply takes your current list of followers and shows you what nonsense they were typing out back in the day.

The way the filter is set up means you also have the option of changing the date and see what was going on  in October seven, eight, or nine years ago, rather than just May 2008. All you have to do is change the url slightly, and you're good to go.