Junk Food Ads Could be Banned From London's Tubes and Buses

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's mayor has decided it's time to get angry about kids eating burgers, and he's so angry he wants to order Transport for London to stop accepting adverts for junk food across the city's rail and bus networks.

"If we don’t take bold steps to cut child obesity in London we’ll be letting young people down and placing a huge strain on the NHS for years to come. It’s time for action. That’s why today I’m proposing banning junk food adverts on TfL," mayor Khan said, describing obesity as a "timebomb" that could one day explode and leave an awful mess of undigested meat everywhere, delaying services for everyone as staff and passengers slip and slide in greasy entrails.

Khan has some horror stats to back it up too, warning that nearly 40 per cent of London children aged either 10 and 11 are either overweight or obese, so they won't be able to stand of the right-hand side of the escalators soon as they'll take up the entire width of the stairs by the time they've become lumbering 18-year-olds.

The ban would cover advertising for all foods that are either loaded with fat, salt or sugar, and would cover stations and stops as well as signs inside vehicles. It's a consultation right now rather than an actual decision, with the idea forming part of the mayor's draft London Food Strategy. [London Mayor]