Kubrick's 2001 Massively Honoured by Isle of Man Post Office

By Gary Cutlack on at

The independent postal administration operated on the Isle of Man has bestowed the highest honour it can on Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi masterpiece 2001 – put it on some stamps. And it even got Keir Dullea to come and do a thumbs-up in front of them at the Cannes festival.

The 2001 stamps look fantastic – which is a relief as the royal wedding ones it also does are nauseatingly poor – with the series showing author Arthur C. Clarke on set, a few memorable scenes from the film and Kubrick himself lining up a shot, plus there's one of HAL which is well worth using to send a post card to a film enthusiast, even though it comes with a face value of £2.01. And if you really love your film enthusiast friend, you want the Framed Commemorative Sheetlet for £35 anyway.

Imagine that on your birthday card envelope. You'd feel liked, even if just for one day. The IoM PO seems to churn these novelty runs out at quite a rate, though, as it bashed out a few to commemorate the passing of Stephen Hawking, sells loads with motorbikes on obviously, and even has some celebrating the engineering of Bloodhound SSC, the latter of which, they say, has some IoM connections. [Isle of Man Post Office]