Leaked Photos Show Off the OnePlus 6 in Person

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's just under two weeks to go until the OnePlus 6 is due to be unveiled in front of the whole world, but the leaks just keep coming. If anything they speed up, as the would-be leakers attempt to get stuff out into the world before time runs out. Today there's a big one, and it involves pictures of the phone itself.

All we really knew about the OnePlus 6 up until now was that the company was interested in speed, there would be a headphone jack, and the screen would have a notch - albeit one that will offer users the chance to black out the screen in a future update. Now, though, we get to see the phone in the flesh, thanks to some leaked photos on Chinese site Baidu (via TechTastic). And, well, it looks like a pretty standard phone.

It's got the buttons, rectangular shape, a big minimal-bezel screen design, and also a shot of the phone in comparison to the iPhone X. Unsurprisingly it's quite a bit larger than what Apple's base-line model has to offer.

The fact that the OnePlus 6's notch is quite a bit smaller than the iPhone suggests that it won't be filling it up with sensors. The other images aren't really clear, so it's not possible to say for certain, since all we can really make out is the front camera:

The underside is a pretty standard-looking design, also confirming that the headphone jack is definitely there - in case anyone had doubts.

Then there's a shot of it in comparison to the OnePlus 5T, which its basically the same size as.

Finally the screen in full and the contents of the box

Don't expect this to be the last of the leaks, those won't stop until 16th May when OnePlus officially launches the new phone at its event in London. [TechTastic via BGR]