Lego Just Launched the New Duplo Stories Skill on Amazon's Alexa

By Tom Pritchard on at

Amazon seems to have its mind set on making sure Alexa and the Echo is more suitable for kids,especially with the Kids Edition Echo that's on the way. Now, though, the company has teamed up with Lego to launch a Duplo-themed interactive storytelling app for kids called Duplo Stories.

The idea is that kids aged 2-5 and their parent wills be able to take advantage of the Duplo they already own, going through 10 customisable stories featuring animals and vehicles. The idea is to help foster young kids' eagerness to learn while they play, advancing their "constructive, exploratory and roleplay skills" with tasks that make them do things like recognise colours, practise their articulation, and take part in creative building challenges.

Obviously the stories themselves are based on some existing Duplo sets, which is no doubt designed to help increase sales, but Lego is quick to point out that you're not going to need all the pieces. Considering the basic theme of each of the 10 stories is very broad (like rabbit, cow, or car) there are multiple compatible sets available with the right toy.

James Poulter, Head of Emerging Platforms & Partnershipsat Lego said:

"Voice services and the Smart Speakers they live on are changing the way we listen to our favourite audio content, shop for products and now how we play together. The new LEGO DUPLO Stories skill is one of the first Alexa skills to bring together physical play with interactive audio content, allowing preschool kids and the adults in their lives to build stories and creations together. Voice is such a powerful tool for play as it is one of the most human ways of interacting. Long before we can type, read or control a device, we listen and speak."

He has a point. Kids that young can't necessarily read, so things like books and games aren't going to work quite as well. Voice-based features are one of those things even the youngest of kids can respond to, as long as they're able to understand what they're told.

Duplo Stories is available in the US and UK today, and can be enabled on the Amazon website or through your Echo device. [Lego via Engadget]