Lenovo is Set to Debut its Proper All-Screen Phone on 5th June

By Tom Pritchard on at

So far most companies hoping to capitalise on screen space have to make a compromise. Either leave a bar up top to keep all the usual components like camera and earpiece in place, or notch the display and risk the wrath of angry people on the internet. Lenovo is taking a different approach, and has plans to launch a phone that is all screen. No notch or bar, just screen screen screen.

The Z5, as it's called, was teased earlier this month, and now we know it's set to debut at 2PM (7AM BST) on 5th June in Beijing. Aside from the screen we don't know a whole lot about what Lenovo has added, including the location of the usual front components. It's possible that it could be hidden away, like the Vivo Apex, or a sliding mechanism like Doogee's Mix 4 concept. Lenovo has claimed, whoever, that the phone includes 18 patented pieces of tech inside, so there should be something interesting.

But whatever Lenovo has in store, a commercial phone with a 95% screen/body ratio is an impressive achievement. Here's just hoping it isn't completely terrible, so that other companies will catch on and start releasing their own notch-free proper full screen devices. [Engadget]