London is Getting a OnePlus 6 Pre-Sale Pop-up on 21st May

By Tom Pritchard on at

By now everyone will know that the OnePlus 6 will be officially unveiled on 16th May, ready for side release at a later date. It'll no doubt end up being quite the popular device, much like its predecessors, and if you end up liking what you see on announcement day you might get the chance to own it before everyone else. You just need to be in or near London on 21st May.

OnePlus is opening a range of pop-ups in the US, Europe, China, and India on 21st May, though the only one to hit the UK will be in London. Or more specifically Shoreditch, which isn't a huge surprise given the area's hipstery reputation. The shop opens at 12pm BST, operating on a first come first served basis that OnePlus is tying into its ongoing speed-based marketing campaign. So if you want one you might need to be that person and get yourself a a tent and start queuing the night before.  If you're that desperate to get your hands on one early, that is.

Aside from getting your phone early, anyone lucky enough to buy a OnePlus 6 will also get a bunch of bag of OnePlus-themed swag, including a totebag, phone case, laptop sleeve, earphones, a t shirt, a baseball cap, an energy drink (for some reason), and a backpack. The shop itself will also have food and drink on offer, in case you at all your snacks in the queue.

The pop-up's exact address is Kachette, 347 Old St, EC1V 9LP, London, and more information on the other locations around the world is available on the OnePlus website if you need it.