Looks Like Some OnePlus 6 Pricing Information Has Leaked

By Tom Pritchard on at

The OnePlus 6 is set to be unveiled on May 16th, and in the run up to that date we're naturally getting plenty of teasers of what's to come - from both OnePlus itself and the rumour mill that continues to churn out secrets. The latter just revealed some new information, with the Indian prices hitting the net.

People who've been paying attention to this sort of thing will remember that alleged Chinese pricing for the phone hit the net a while back, supposedly costing 3,299 Yuan (£374) for the 64GB model, 3,799 Yuan (£431) for the 128GB, and 4,399 Yuan (£498) for the 256GB model. According to True-Tech, the Indian prices are Rs. 36,999 (£405) for the 64GB model and Rs. 39,999 (£438) for the 128GB. Unfortunately the site's sources didn't specify a price for the 256GB model.

Those prices don't really match up with what we've heard about China, but then again exchange rates aren't universal when we're talking about new gadgets. As we here in the UK know all too well. Whatever the case the Indian prices are slightly more than the OnePlus 5, so it's not unfair to assume that the OnePlus 6 will be more than its predecessor no matter how much it eventually costs. [True-Tech]