Man Averages 90mph in Illegal-But-Impressive Country Race Run

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man and his mate in a modded Audi are the new holders of the unofficial Land's End to John O'Groats route time record, although in covering the distance in nine hours and 36 minutes they averaged a speed of nearly 90mph -- so perhaps ought to be considered dangerous lunatics rather than modern touring heroes.

Tommy Davies was behind the wheel for the run, which apparently involved navigating the sensors of 50 speed cameras without triggering their flashes of shame. The run was done overnight last September, so in admitting to it now they're presumably clear from any fines turning up in the post and can consider themselves to have got away with it. They had an additional fuel tank in the boot so only had to stop to refill once (done by mates with tanks in a lay-by), plus they carried radio scanners apparently able to pick up nearby police signals.

Edmund King, head of motoring organisation the AA, is not impressed with the technical preparation or driving efforts though, saying: "Driving like that should be confined to the race track and not the public highway. It is an idiotic, irresponsible and dangerous act to set out on such an intentional and reckless mission. No doubt the police will investigate this self-induced death wish."

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