McDonald's Told to Stop Filling the Sea With its Balloons

By Gary Cutlack on at

Activists are currently being active in the direction of McDonald's again, as despite the food chain's best efforts to reduce plastic waste and appear to be a good guy there's another front upon which war is being raged -- free balloons for children.

Children being children, they often stop paying attention to the exciting thing they're holding so they can hold something else that's suddenly more exciting, letting go of the little helium balloon that came with their actually quite sad Happy Meal to free up a greasy hand. Said balloon then floats off and inevitably ends up in the sea, or the great liquid rubbish bin as it's now known.

Activists from the Blue Planet Society have been busy collating photos of deflated McDonald's balloons found on seashores around Europe, and has evidence of hundreds of the things washing up; and clearly there are more that haven't washed up and might be in the tummy of a lovely sea animal thing right now.

McDonald's says it's doing something about it, though, with a spokesperson saying: "We have taken a number of steps to encourage customers to dispose of litter responsibly, and are currently in the process of replacing all helium balloons with stick balloons in coastal restaurants. Our priority remains to provide our customers with the correct messaging on waste disposal and ensure we play our part in keeping the environment litter free." [Blue Planet Society via Metro]

Image credit: Facebook