Met Police's Drill Music Squad Gets Hundreds of Videos Pulled From YouTube

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bunch of confused old men working at the Met Police have succeeded in getting some apparently offensive content removed from YouTube, as efforts to blame the drill music trend for London's current spate of violent crime continues.

London's police force handed YouTube a database of 1,400 videos it believes are somehow responsible for encouraging violent attitudes and behaviour and may therefore have contributed to crimes, with the video sharing site agreeing to remove around half of the clips in question.

If you're a bit old and don't understand what it's about because you only use YouTube to watch clips of The Shamen on Top of the Pops, here's Detective Superintendent Mike West with an explainer on the drill music video scene that he seems really into: "The gangs try to outrival each other with the filming and content -- what looks like a music video can actually contain explicit language with gangs threatening each other. There are gestures of violence, with hand signals suggesting they are firing weapons and graphic descriptions of what they would do to each other."

The videos with their threats and pretend-gun hand gestures are therefore supposed to glamourise violence, although Aphex Twin was glamourising youth violence 20 years ago and we turned out all right. Didn't we? [Sky News]