Morrisons is Asking Customers to Bring Reusable Tubs to Help Cut Down on Plastic Waste

By Tom Pritchard on at

Plastic has been in the news a lot today, as supermarkets and companies get named and shamed for using too much plastic that will likely end up clogging up our oceans with no hope of breaking down anytime soon. While there have been big efforts to reduce plastic usage, particularly stuff that can only be used once or can't be recycled, Morrisons is taking things a step further by asking customers to play their part and bring in their own reusable containers.

The idea is that people will have their own containers for stuff they're buying from the fish and meat counters, so fewer plastic bags are needed to help them get the fresh produce home. Each container will then be slapped with a label, which will let you pay for everything when you get to the checkout.

Morrisons has also announced plans to scrap the black plastic trays by next year, seeing as how they can't be recycled. The replacements will, though, which is a good thing for planet earth. Currently 82 per cent of Morrisons packaging is recyclable, but the supermarket has joined the UK Plastics Pact with its rivals - all of whom are working towards making sure 100 per cent of their packaging is recyclable by 2020.

That is, of course, assuming the local council actually bother to recycle everything they can. My council has made some improvements recently, but we're still not allowed to give them glass for some stupid reason.

It's not clear how Morrisons will encourage people to remember to bring their own tubs. The plastic bag charge works because nobody wants to pay for a plastic bag, especially not when the supermarkets only carry the 10p bags for life. While it would be nice to assume everyone will bring their own tubs to help protect the planet, most people will end up forgetting. Maybe a small discount would be helpful to get them into the routine.

It's a nice idea though, and the rest of the country's supermarkets should take note and consider introducing something similar. [Gloucestershire Live]