New Photo Seemingly Confirms the OnePlus 6 Will Come in Black and White

By Tom Pritchard on at

It is eight days until OnePlus is set to reveal the OnePlus 6 at the London launch event, but over the past few weeks we've actually seen quite a lot of what the phone has to offer. Not only have we seen leaked photos purporting to be the upcoming handset, leaked adverts, as well as how much the phone will supposedly cost in various markets, a new image has emerged that seemingly confirms that the phone will be available in black and white variants.

The picture up top came from the Twitter feed of Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan, showing him with OnePlus CEO Pete Lau and what look like two distinctly-coloured OnePlus 6 handsets. it'd definitely a OnePlus device, because of the logo, and the camera/fingerprint layout is totally different to the OnePlus 5T. The image has since been taken down, further suggesting that this is something that wasn't supposed to be revealed yet, though Droid Life did manage to save a copy.

It's not clear how many colours the OnePlus 6 will be available in, but its likely that there will be at least two. I know, two whole colours. It's a big shock because phone companies are renowned for only releasing phones in a single hue, and ignoring the fact people would like to choose from a variety of colours. That's a joke for people not paying attention, but this is the first confirmation from OnePlus that the phone will be available in different shades. It was basically a given, seeing as it's rare for new phone ranges not to look like some sort of rainbow, and rumours have suggested the phone will be available in blue and the company's signature red.

Now we just have to wait for the other colours to leak or failing that have OnePlus tell us in person on 16th May. [Droid Life via TechRadar]