Now Argos Has Added Lego-Themed AR to its iOS App

By Tom Pritchard on at

A little while ago Lego announced a new app that let kids play with sets in augmented reality, regardless of whether they'd actually purchased them. It was simplistic, but still a nice idea - especially for parents who could see the set in action before buying it. Now Argos is getting in on the action, by adding AR Lego sets to its own app. But only on iOS.

The new updated version of the app is available right now, with 30 different Lego sets coming packed with the new AR view. All you need to do is make sure you have an ARKit-compatible device, head into the Argos app, and hit the big green AR banner on the main page. That'll pull up a list of products with AR features, which you can access on each individual store page. Alternatively you can search for the product manually and go from there.

Blurry real Lego Falcon for scale

In AR mode you'll need to find a large enough flat surface to project the set onto, which can be a pain, but as soon as it's detected something suitable you can check out an animated 3D render of whatever set you're interested in before your very eyes. It's pretty simple, but seeing how pricey Lego can be it's nice to be able to (sort of) try before you buy.