O2 Apologises for Allowing Racists to Post Out SIMs

By Gary Cutlack on at

A quite horrifying use of the mobile networks' desperation to get us signed up has been revealed by a family in London, who were sent O2 SIM cards that had been addressed to offensive names at their home addresses.

Two SIMs were posted out by O2 to the family, under the names Mr Isis Terroriste and Mr Getout Ofengland, at their home address. And no one in any of the systems thought to question this.

The family told the BBC: "We were really saddened to come across these letters, especially having a younger child in the house who we don't want to grow up witnessing such hateful language. It's even sadder to think that such hate speech has become normalised despite living in such a uniquely multicultural and diverse city like London."

O2 is blaming automation and a third-party that handles the posting out of free SIMs when requested online, saying that there are human checks in the process -- but only once a complaint has been raised. The network also says it has a "data-cleansing process" that blocks obscenities, although it hasn't yet been trained to pull out ISIS terms for query. Someone will be on that now. [BBC]

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