OnePlus Just Launched a New Trade-in Programme Ahead of the OnePlus 6 Launch

By Tom Pritchard on at

The launch of the OnePlus 6 is still a week away, and while we keep hearing all sort of leaks and rumours about the phone OnePlus hasn't exactly been stingy with details on what people can expect. The latest piece of news coming out of the company is that its launching a new and improved trade-in programme, so existing OnePlus owners can get a better deal if they decide to upgrade.

Apparently this is something the OnePlus community has been asking for, and until the end of May users will be able to trade in older handsets for above market value - giving them money to put towards the upcoming handset. Provided, of course, that the device you're trying to trade in isn't older than the OnePlus 3.

Trade in a OnePlus 3 and you'll get £132 for a device in good condition, or £88 for one that's merely functional. The OnePlus 3T with 6GB of RAM will net you £146 in good condition or £102 if it's functional, while OnePlus will give you £189 for the 8GB model in good condition (£139 if its not, but functional). The 6GB OnePlus 5 will bring in £149, or £99 if it's simply functional, while the 8GB model will get you £245 in good condition. That drops to £182 if its not, but still works.

The OnePlus 6 will be unveiled at a launch event in London on 16th May, and you can read more about the trade-in deal here. Just remember, that's a limited time offer and expires at the end of the month.