OnePlus Teardown Tries to Work Out Just How Much Waterproofing it Has

By Tom Pritchard on at

The OnePlus 6 was released last week, a handset that's notable because it's the first OnePlus handset to be marketed as water resistant. The downside to that is OnePlus hasn't had the phone IP-rated, so it's impossible to say what long it might survive underwater. Now that the phone is out in the world, there are people putting it to the test - including one YouTuber who pulled it apart to work out just how water resistant the phone is.

There are already teardowns of the OnePlus 6 out there, including one from iFixit that gave the phone a score of 5/10 on the 'ease of repair' scale. While that teardown noted there was evidence of water resistance in the device, it didn't go into a whole lot of detail. JerryRigEverything’s Zach Nelson decided to take things further and put the waterproofing components under more intense scrutiny.

One thing iFixit noted was that the OnePlus 6 has a lot of glue holding the glass back in place, potentially causing problems when it comes to third-party repair. According to Nelson, however, that adhesive seems to have an added bonus of keeping water out. On top of that there's evidence that OnePlus added rubber seals around various potential entry points, including  the headphone jack, charging port, plus water resistant mesh around the speaker grills. Nelson concludes that the phone seems to have roughly the same amount of water resistance as an IP67 rated device, even of the waterproofing around the SIM card try was notably sub-par.

That's pretty high considering the company didn't bother to get the phone rated. Why it wasn't rated isn't clear, but the teardown doesn't mean you should go ahead and toss the phone into the bath. OnePlus has made it clear it doesn't cover water damage, and without a clear IP rating it's impossible to say how much torture the waterproofing features can actually endure. Keep that phone nice and dry, and maybe keep a bag of rice handy just in case. [JerryRigEverything via Slashgear]