Original Hartnell Doctor Who Script Sells For £6k

By Gary Cutlack on at

A quite astonishing piece of BBC, TV, Doctor Who and British cultural history has gone up for sale, with an original script for the first episode of the first series of Doctor Who appearing for auction.

This particular script was also owned by doctor one William Hartnell, with the papers salvaged from the late actor's former home and containing pencil annotations made by the man himself. The price for such a piece of TV history? Just £6,200.

The script contains An Unearthly Child, the first episode of the TV series, which appeared as part of the serial Doctor Who and the Tribe of Gum. The script itself is a little bit famous too, as it was revealed to the nation on an episode of the BBC's Antiques Roadshow at the end of last year, and it didn't take long for the current owner, the grandson of a builder who was gifted the script by Hartnell during refurb works, to do the deal and take the money. [BBC]