Paddle Steamer Sinks on Way to new Owner

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something sad but also a bit funny has happened out at sea, where historically important paddle steamer MV Oliver Cromwell managed to sink while on a delivery run to its new owner. The poor old steamer's embarrassment was increased thanks to an embedded photographer on the RNLI boat sent out to watch it go down, capturing its sinking and exposed arse.

The 36-metre vessel was being tugged off to Ireland, with a recent renovation and subsequent sale giving it a value of £245,000. The Oliver Cromwell was originally built in 1922 to do proper work, but spent its retirement working as a floating hotel in Gloucester during the 1990s.

And now us modern people have destroyed it, like we do with everything. We took a nice old thing and sunk it. Stupid us. No respect. The good news is that no one died and the steamer wasn't even carrying any fuel, so there's now a nice clean new toy for the octopuses to play in down there, so in some small way we have given something back to the oceans.

[RNLI via Metro]

Image credit: RNLI/Jay Garden