Parents Start Gender Pay Gap Early By Paying Boys More For Doing Little Jobs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Little girls are being told their efforts are worth less than those of boys before they've even entered the workplace and been told what to wear by a man, as gender pay disparity appears to begin at home; where little boys are routinely paid more than little girls by parents for doing household chores and behaving themselves.

This fact comes from some pocket money research carried out on behalf of banking giant Santander, which says boys are paid an average of 33 per cent more than girls for carrying out jobs around the house, banking an average of £6.99 against the girl per-job average of just £4.67. Payment for good behaviour at school -- yes there apparently is such a thing now -- is also vastly more favourable for boys, with the average boy being rewarded £8.28 for being "good" while girls get just £4.18. No wonder there are so many bad girls in the media nowadays.

Other shock pocket money stats unearthed show that London kids have it better early with kids in the south east getting paid 45 per cent more than the national average, with some hardcore parents also paying their kids bonus money for "performing well in sports" -- no doubt in the hope their kid might grow up to be a financially useful football prodigy, which could bail out dad's disastrous SIPP fund in future years. [Santander]

Image credit: Unsplash