People Believing the Internet Visit Unopened Ikea

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Exeter branch of Ikea isn't open yet, but that hasn't stopped people from turning up anyway. That's what happens when you rely on your phone and your mobile data connection to tell you everything.

The problem for Ikea enthusiasts is that the branch was due to open on May 1, a memorable landmark date that sounded good when they planned it last year. Sadly, bad weather caused delays that meant the grand opening was moved back to the significantly less memorable date of May 10, although no one told the internet.

Specifically, no one updated the Ikea web site or the many search engine optimised news stories written by the local press and brilliantly fed into Google's collective consciousness, so people looking it up to see if it was open were told by the internet that it was. Hence they travelled, in their cars, with all their expectations, and their dreams of cheap furnishings and affordable lunches and evocative lamps, only to be told to go home again.

Devon Live has found evidence of some poor semi-locals driving around 100 miles in order to worship at the exotically-named blue and yellow altar (some assembly required), although Ikea obsession is not to be laughed at -- today's pre-opening tour for enthusiasts is fully booked. [Devon Live]