Planet Hollywood's London Prices are Taking a Trip Back in Time Today

By Tom Pritchard on at

Planet Hollywood has been around for a long time, and even though it never had the same kind of reputation as the likes of the Hard Rock Cafe it's still out there doing its thing - letting people at and drink while surrounded by film props and memorabilia. The London branch is still going strong after 25 years of business, and to celebrate that fact all the prices are taking a trip back in time to 1993. But only today.

Planet Hollywood opened up in London's West End on 17th May 1993, and was swarmed with people hoping to see one of the 100 film stars that were on hand to celebrate the occasion. About 10,000 people showed up, and pretty much brought the area around Piccadilly Circus to a standstill.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of that date, and while the surrounding area isn't likely to be any busier than usual, Planet Hollywood is dialling back the clock and reducing their prices down to what they were back in '93. That also includes seven options that have long since been pulled from the menu, returning for "one day only". That includes Blue and Gold nachos (£3.95), linguini and sausage (£8.50), creole pizza (£8.25), and Arnie’s Grandmother’s Apple Strudel (£4.50). Menu mainstays are also getting reduced, with the BBQ bacon cheeseburger dropping to £7.95 and Blackened shrimp going down to £6.95.

The restaurant opened up at 11am this morning, and will stay open until midnight, meaning you have plenty of time to take advantage of the reduced prices while they're available. If you're in or near London, that is. If you live elsewhere you're kind of screwed. It's not exactly going to be quiet either, seeing as how the restaurant is expected to server 3,000 people over the course of the day.

Robert Earl, chairman and founder of Planet Hollywood International, said:

”The crowds were amazing, they totally overshadowed what happens at movie premieres today, I hope our long-time fans will come back to enjoy the throwback tribute to our opening day in 1993 and please, keep on coming back for the next 25 years.”