"Plastic Free" Stamp Coming to UK Supermarkets

By Gary Cutlack on at

You'll soon be able to buy a box of eggs and be 100 per cent certain that each egg isn't individually wrapped in plastic film inside, as a new "Plastic Free" packaging stamp is about to appear on the UK high street.

Iceland, which is running its own little war on plastic, is the first to adopt the trust mark, which has been hurried into existence by environmental pressure group A Plastic Planet. Iceland's boss Richard Walker said of the nice little flat design logo: "With the grocery retail sector accounting for more than 40 per cent of plastic packaging in the UK, it's high time Britain's supermarkets came together to take the lead on this issue. I'm proud to lead a supermarket that is working with A Plastic Planet to realise a plastic-free future for food and drink retail."

Posh tea brand Tea Pigs is also on board and using the logo from today, although it has been removing plastic-based adhesives from its bags for a while. [A Plastic Planet]