Poundland Warns That "Poundland" Should Not be Used as an Insult

By Gary Cutlack on at

Poundland threw a wobbly on the internet yesterday, after the social account manager for the Thameslink rail franchise apologised for poor service by saving its schedules have been "a bit Poundland" of late.

This all kicked off because a Thameslink customer complained in the classic Ambassador/Rocher style, leading to the rail franchise's botched apology of: "Very sorry Kevin. Appreciate at the moment the service is less Ferrero Rocher and more Poundland cooking chocolate."

Poundland, which has been quite good at the internet recently, crafted a quick and acerbic response, with retail director Austin Cooke stepping up to put the train-cancelling operator back in its place. Cooke hit back with a list of Thameslink's recent failings – so long that even Twitter's expanded character limit couldn't contain it all so it had to be embedded as an image – and highlighted a case of his chain's own local heroics in assisting customers.

Thameslink apologised and deleted the tweet, without even trying to be funny about it. It was all that serious. [Twitter]