's Dogsitting Marketplace is Coming to the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Having a dog is busy work. Not as much work as having a child, but still a lot more work than having a cat because dogs are needy and have to be walked. Not that those are bad things, but it does make things a bit trickier if you're out of the house all day or heading off to holiday. You can take a child on a plane quite easily (unfortunately), but dogs are a bit trickier to sort out. That's why the dog care industry is big business, and now the US-based crowd-based dogsitting service is making its way here. is basically a board for dog owners and dog carers, letting people with canine pals find someone who can take care of the dog for whatever reason. Services available include long term boarding, house-sitting, walks, drop-in visits, and 'doggy day care' which is basically like sending your dog to a nursery where they can play with other dogs. Obviously there are already site like this operating here, but seeing as how roughly 30 per cent of British households have a dog clearly sees an opportunity for expansion.'s website claims that only 20 per cent of doggy-sitting applicants actually get approved, with a team of specialists doing all the leg work to make sure the bad people don't get through. Each carer also has a detailed profile with reviews, and payment is all done online for security. So the idea is that you don't need to worry about what your dog is up to, and they're in good hands. CEO Aaron Easterly said:

“Based on Rover’s years of experience supporting a million dog owners across the U.S. and Canada, we know we can provide a much-needed service to pet owners in Europe and that now is the right time to expand our reach." is set to launch here in July, with the intention of expanding its services across Europe in the near future. The timeline for that hasn't been announced, though. [VentureBeat]