Samsung and Babylon Team Up To Let You See a Private Doctor on Your Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

You've probably heard of private health start up Babylon, which lets people talk to Doctors 24 hours a day via video chat rather than forcing them to go to a GP in person. They recently signed a deal with the NHS to offer its services without users having to pay the usual fees. Now it's signed a deal with Samsung to integrate the service with the Samsung Health app.

It might seem a little bit redundant, seeing as how the service is offered on the NHS and available on other devices, but if you're a Samsung Galaxy owner that uses the Health app already it means there's better integration with the service you already use. But the core features are the same. You can use Babylon's AI-powered system to check symptoms, book appointments with UK doctors any time of day, and have a consultation over video chat.

It's worth pointing out that Babylon isn't restricted to NHS doctors, so if you want to see a private specialist you can. Provided you pay, of course. Subscribing costs £50 a year (with unlimited appointments), or alternatively you can pay £25 for a single appointment. That is, provided you don't want to use the NHS doctors in the regular Android app. Using them does mean having to leave your local doctor, after all.

This partnership is currently exclusive to the UK, though Babylon and Samsung do have plans to extend it worldwide.