Samsung's Latest Ad is All About How Apple Throttled Those iPhones

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it was discovered that Apple had been throttling older iPhone models without telling anyone, people rightly had some strong words to say about it. While the company insisted that the move designed to ensure a consistent user experience, and not to try and force them to upgrade, they were forced to make amends to everyone that had been affected. That means discounted battery replacements, and giving people the option to turn off throttling - though that may lead to "unexpected shutdowns".

Of course Apple's biggest rival is going to give them some shit about it, which is why Samsung's latest advert is all about a woman that's struggling to get things done with her old iPhone 6. All while people pass her by with Galaxy S9 with no issues. Take a look for yourself:

Did you noticed the hipster walking past with a notch-inspired haircut? Probably, because it's the top image on this page and the video's main thumbnail. It's another dig at Apple's decision-making, no doubt, plus all the companies that didn't follow Samsung's example and copied the controversial design feature. I'm pretty sure forcing that haircut on a kid classifies as child abuse, though, worse than forcing them to wear crocs.

It's worth pointing out the ad didn't mention Apple's reparations for the throttling issue, which is giving people the option to replace their current battery at a discounted rate anytime before the end of the year - no questions asked. Even if there have been reports of people having trouble getting a replacement battery without other expensive repairs, you'd think the Genius would bring that up.

The whole advert feels a little bit petty, but considering Apple has basically dominated the smartphone industry over the past several years Samsung feels it needs to at least try and take them down a notch. [The Verge]