Sky Will Celebrate the Royal Wedding by Broadcasting it in 4K With Sky Q

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you want to watch TV on 19th May, your options for watching anything other than a man and woman getting married are dwindling quite quickly. Sky has just announced that it too will be joining in the Royal Wedding celebrations, by revealing it will be broadcasting the entire thing live and in 4K UHD resolution.

At that resolution you might even be able to see a few non-ginger hairs on Harry's head, especially since he's in his 30s and grey hairs tend to light up under powerful lighting. According to Sky the whole thing is going to require a lot of work, especially since broadcasting live 4K video isn't all that easy (just ask the BBC). It'll have 100 cameras and 160 members of technical staff on hand to help produce the event, utilising 27km of cable, 20 fibre circuits, and 19 UHF radio communications channels. Naturally, given the amount of tech and effort needed, none of the other broadcasters are bothering with hi-res broadcasts of their own.

What's more, the Sky News app will have a dedicated section to point out all the famous people that will be sitting in the audience. Not only will it tell you who those people are, it'll link them back to Harry and Megham to explain why they're at the wedding. Because, given the low bar for celebrity these days, you'll want to make sure the person you're looking at is actually well known for a good reason - and not because they were on Big Brother.

So remember to mark 19th May in your calendars, whether that's because you'll be eagerly tuning in or avoiding the whole thing like the plague.  And remember, if you tune in on the day you don't need a TV licence - though if you have Sky Q there's a good chance you haven't been dodging it. [TechRadar]