Smart Traffic Lights That Tell Drivers to Speed Up are Being Tested

By Gary Cutlack on at

People staring at traffic lights have had an idea on how to make money from calling them "smart" -- give the things networked indicators that tell drivers how fast they need to go to hit the next set of lights when they turn green. This could speed people through cities without requiring so much braking and accelerating, reducing congestion and taking numerous small exhaust particles out of the sky.

It's the idea of engineering specialist AECOM, which now has funding in place to run a simulation of the system using the A59 in York in the hope that the computer will say GOOD IDEA HUMANS and it'll then be able to pitch the concept to local councils across the country.

The idea was dreamed up thanks to smart solutions funding offered by the National Infrastructure Commission, Highways England and Innovate UK, with AECOM consultant Heather Hawkins saying: "We are excited and are eager to get started so we can better understand the potential impact of vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies on our local road network in York. We are fortunate to be living and working in a city which has chosen to be an early innovator, deploying and testing these technologies on-street through existing research programmes. It's truly inspiring and we are grateful to be a part of it." [Sky News]