Someone Inserted Harrison Ford's Face Into a Solo Trailer and It Is Wrong Wrong Wrong

By Evan Narcisse on at

It’s a heartwarming moment when Harrison Ford surprises Alden Ehrenreich during a press junket interview. But it’s a bloodcurdling experience watching the older man’s young face slapped onto the younger man’s present-day body. Watch this fan edit of the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and see for yourself.

True Solo from Nick Acosta on Vimeo.

“I couldn’t help wonder what would this movie would look like if you could magically transport a young Harrison Ford to play his iconic character.” Those of the words of one Nick Acosta, the man who created True Solo, a trailer remix that places facial images of pre-Star Wars Ford onto Alden Ehrenreich’s head.

Well, Nick, to repurpose a classic line from Episode IV: “Everything’s perfectly all effed up now. We’re horrible. We’re all horrible here now, thank you. How are you?” [The Hollywood Reporter]

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