Super-Budget Funerals With No Religious Pomp Are Coming to the Mainstream

By Gary Cutlack on at

That old David Bowie was innovating even after he'd died, as the star's choosing of a no-frills "direct cremation" after he'd passed away – in which your physical form is disposed of without a traditional funeral service – is fast becoming the norm.

At least that's what the funeral division of the Co-op is hoping, as it's about to publicly promote a direct cremation option to its customers. As well as giving people the option of sliding away without fuss, public mourning, a painfully self conscious favourite last song and loads of flowers, the cost savings are immense. A direct cremation is expected to cost around £1,500, whereas traditional funerals with their services, austere words and buffets, can cost three to four times as much.

Hence Co-op is hoping to bag the millennial funeral business with its more affordable option. Which has existed all along, it's just that people have never been aware of this secret, ultra-cheap, post-death, money saving funereal hack, not until Bowie made it cool at least. [Guardian]

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