The New Blackberry Will be Revealed in June

By Dave Meikleham on at

Yes, the BlackBerry is still a thing, wisenheimer. Online speculation has been swirling for months that a new BlackBerry, called the Key2, was set to be announced. Now, the company has confirmed the device's existence by sending out invitations for a June 7 launch event in New York City, where the Key2 is specifically mentioned.

Photo: Tech Times

Following on from last year's KeyOne, it's thought the latest Blackberry will have a dual-lens camera, and of course, that physical keyboard that is so intrinsically linked to the brand's image.

The invitation apparently includes the tag "an icon reborn", so don't be entirely surprised if the Key 2 is somewhat nostalgic in design, at least compared to most modern smartphones. Could we see a return to a design similar to that of 2014's BlackBerry Classic?

To be honest, I'd gladly take a Key 2 right around now, or really, any phone, to be frank. I 'might' have lost my mobile on Friday night. Alcoholic beverages may or may not have been involved.