The OnePlus 6 is Basically Here, So it's Clearly Time to Start Speculating About the OnePlus 6T

By Tom Pritchard on at

Out in the word there are people who are constantly working, and never really feel like taking time off. Like freelancers, or workaholics. None of those can compare to the smartphone rumour mill, however, since its process or leaking and speculation never end. Case in point: the OnePlus 6 isn't set to go on general sale until tomorrow, but we're already hearing some speculation about its successor - the OnePlus 6T.

Following the wild success of its premiere smartphone, OnePlus has stuck to a pretty rigid release system of two devices a year. The OnePlus 2, X, 3, 3T, and so on. You'd think it'd be safe to assume that a OnePlus 6T is in the pipeline for the tail end of this year, but to be sure the community has been asking OnePlus whether it's sticking to its typical release tactics. Specifically they asked whether the company would be reducing its workload and only releasing a single device this year.

The official replay stated “We don’t have any plans to change our strategy at this moment,” suggesting that there is a 6T on the way without actually confirming that it's a definite thing. Apparently these are things we need to ask nowadays. The OnePlus 6 isn't even properly out, and people are already wondering about the next one. That's tech nerds for you, I suppose.

No doubt we'll be hearing more about OnePlus's future plans in the coming months, and if we don't, well, that's just as revealing as someone handing us a leaked render. Though for now, calm down and enjoy the phone that's already here. It's quite good, if a bit bland, and it has a very appealing price tag. If you want to speculate about something, there's probably some information floating around about the Galaxy Note 9. [Ubergizmo]