The Trailer for Dark Rising Promises a Diverse, Moody Superhero Epic

By Julie Muncy on at

A compelling superhero show with African protagonists and a diverse worldwide cast? And it’s dark, atmospheric, and mysterious? Where do we sign up?

That’s the hope for Dark Rising, a TV show whose first trailer debuted over the weekend at MCM London Comic Con. Created and written by Souvid Datta, a British-Indian writer, the show tells the story of “troubled youths discovering strange and formidable powers,” according to the press release, tracing journeys “from the politically charged slums of central Africa, to neglected communities across Europe and Central America.”

“Edged much closer to darkness than traditional heroism, we follow as they rediscover and rebuild morality in a world where they could so easily rule supreme,” the summary says. And the trailer speaks to that, with superpowered beings flying high above the slums, sinister, distant.

However, controversy has arisen regarding Datta, who has been accused of plagiarism for photography work in the past, which he later admitted to. Details about those accusations and Datta’s response can be found here.

As of now, the series is still in development, with no word on a network pickup, but you can watch the trailer below.

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