The Vinyl Revival is Just a Few Blokes Buying Everything

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who know what number constitutes a heavyweight vinyl are behind the modern day revival in buying music on 12-inch discs, with research suggesting that a small number of hardcore enthusiasts who buy everything that comes out – even the £23.99 reissue of Garbage's Version 2.0 – and are spending around £400 a year each on keeping vinyl in the headlines and the secondhand value of decent record players high.

The numbers have been assembled by the Entertainment Retailers Association, which says 72 per cent of all vinyl sales are booked by a group of enthusiast fans, with the £87m annual market therefore a bit more of a niche than most people already suspected. The ERA has even outed the number of buyers, estimating that a hardcore community of 157,000 superfans are responsible for all the headlines about the vinyl LP being BACK.

Blu-ray sales are also in extreme obsessive collector territory nowadays, with the ERA saying 61 per cent of the £161m market for owning films you probably won't ever watch is down to the collecting work of a community of 247,000 superfans. [ERA via BBC]

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