There's a New Version of Marmite, With Less Salt

By Tom Pritchard on at

Marmite revels in the fact that it's such a divisive product, constantly poking fun at how people never really have mixed feelings about their products. But people have decidely mixed feelings about the newest addition to the family: Marmite Reduced Salt.

The new spread was announced yesterday on Twitter, which is now available to purchase at Waitrose and Asda - the respective poshest and least posh of the big supermarket chains.

The reduced salt variant isn't replacing the classic Marmite spread, but instead its an extra option for the people who are more concerned about the amount of sodium they pump into their bodies. While the company claims to have worked hard preserving the original taste without all the salt, but admits changes in the taste are to be expected - something people aren't too impressed about the change. If the Irn Bru/sugar debacle is anything to go buy, Marmite purists will now be stockpiling the original stuff just in case it gets discontinued. Marmite can't go bad can it? Would you even be able to tell?

You shouldn't accidentally pick one up while you're shopping, seeing as how the new tubs have bright blue colouring, but it might be worth a try. After all salt isn't good for you if you eat too much, and we do live in a world filled with salt. [Metro]