Tony the Tiger is About to Face His Biggest Battle Yet

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of suit-clad political combatives operating under the banner of the health and social care select committee are asking for war to be declared on Tony the Tiger (even though he's trying to be healthier), with cartoons that encourage children to consume cereals and convenience foods facing obliteration. Hence Tony might need another job at best, or at worst be sent off to a zoo or turned into gourmet burgers.

The committee's findings are hoping to influence the course of updates to the government's childhood obesity plan, with the summary hoping to see "...a ban on brand generated characters or licensed TV and film characters from being used to promote HFSS (high fat, sugar and salt) products on broadcast and non-broadcast media."

That's but one demand, with the committee also rolling up loads of healthy eating ideas to suggest that there should be a 9pm watershed for junk food advertising on TV, restrictions on price promotions, rules to sweep away the tempting sweet sections and their four Double Deckers for £1 packs at the end of supermarket aisles, and laws that would make it easier for councils to keep junk food shops and adverts away from areas surrounding schools. [Parliament via Sky News]

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