Turns Out Royal Marriage is an Effective Way to Get People Off Pornhub

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Royal Wedding was, what, two weeks ago? I didn't watch it and have poor sense of time, so I really have no idea. All I know is enough time has passed for Pornhub to crank out some data analysis, showing exactly how site traffic was affected by the ginger one and the american one getting married.

Unsurprisingly there was a huge drop in traffic. The worldwide average was 10 per cent, while the UK alone saw a 21 per cent dip in traffic. Still we managed to get outdone by the French, who topped the global table with a 23 per cent traffic drop. America, which couldn't get enough of the event if you believe their news networks, only saw a 6 per cent drop. Gotta pump those numbers up, America, those are rookie numbers.

England was down 21 per cent, Wales 19 per cent, Scotland 15 per cent, and Northern Ireland 14 per cent during the ceremony. Pornhub also noted a 17 per cent drop in England at 5pm, which just so happened to coincide with the FA Cup Final that began at 5.15pm. So it seems football is also more important than porn, at least to the English. I'd wager most of that lost traffic was in London, seeing as how that's where all the Manchester United and Chelsea fans live.

After the wedding was done, however, everyone jumped back onto the internet and began looking to see if the new princess had made anything remotely pornographic during her acting career. The answer is still no, but that didn't stop a 2812% increase in searches for "Meghan Markle", though around 75 per cent of people spelled her name incorrectly - either as Megan Markle and Megan Markel. There was also a 403 per cent increase in people searching for 'prince' and 182 per cent looking for 'princess'.

Pornhub is also quick to note that princess is a popular term already, which explains the smaller rise in search terms. Apparently people have also been searching for Prince Harry before the wedding, which made it harder to work out a percentage increase. Finally Pornhub revealed a umber of other search increases, including a 1865 per cent increase in 'royal', 178 per cent for Suits star Abigail Spender, 988 per cent for Kate Middleton, 108 per cent for Serena Williams, 4213 per cent for Victoria Beckham, and 3440 per cent for David Beckham. [Pornhub Insights]