Uber Will Uber Your Stuff to the Charity Shop for Free This Saturday

By Tom Pritchard on at

You know the drill when it comes to spring cleaning. Often it involves throwing a lot of stuff away, but if you've got a bunch of unwanted items that still work there's little need to toss it into the local dump. Instead it goes into a box for the charity shop, where it will sit gathering dust until you can find the time to actually take it down there. To try and help you out, Uber will be offering users the chance to have someone do it for them, but only this Saturday.

Between 12 and 5pm this Saturday (2nd June), anyone using Uber in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow, and Edinburgh will see the uberGIVING button pop up in the app. This is the fourth time the company has done something charitable in the UK, and this time it's in partnership with Cancer Research UK. In short, the button will let you summon a car that will transfer your unwanted stuff to the charity shop free of charge.

Obviously the rules are that you have to hand over stuff people will actually want, so that broken printer is going to have to go to the electrical recycling place. And that ugly jacket granddad gave you? Well maybe someone without taste will pick it up, but who would wear such a hideous thing? Cancer Research says it will happily take most stuff, but it could particularly do with clothes, small electrical devices, small kitchenware, basic homeware things, and stuff like shoes, bags, jewellery, and so on.

Uber is expecting high demand for cars, so you might have to be patient. Or alternatively you can just box it all up and take it to the nearest charity shop yourself.