Virgin Trains and Uber Try to Cut Train Station Taxis Out of the Loop

By Gary Cutlack on at

Old school and new school transport titans Virgin Trains and Uber have gone public with a secret little relationship, with the rail company launching a system that alerts travellers to the presence of Uber drivers in their little silver Toyotas upon arrival in an Uber-activated town or city.

It's all about making door-to-door travel easy for today's lazy people, with anyone buying a ticket through the Virgin Trains site to travel between Birmingham and London from today asked if they want an SMS notification to order an Uber when they get there. No doubt Virgin makes 10p or so each time someone goes on to book, as that's what it's all about.

No no, it's actually about making it less of a chore to carry that bag with all your chargers and Lego, as Virgin's Sarah Copley says: "We know that tackling the first and final mile is critical to opening up rail travel to new customers. Our exciting new partnership with Uber is the next step in making this end to end journey easy and seamless for customers."

And there's up to 50 per cent off your first Virgin-triggered Uber booking too. Virgin trains on the West Coast line will gradually see this promotion appear in the coming months. [Virgin Trains]