Waitrose Offers the Bored Posh Diner an Ostrich Egg for £20

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you want something different, are not in a hurry to eat, and don't mind spending £19.99 on one egg, best get to Waitrose. It's ostrich egg season.

The supermarket chain has started selling ostrich eggs for people who enjoy huge omelettes or need to feed small parties of children breakfast, with the 2kg eggs sourced from an ostrich farm in the UK. They take 50 minutes to boil if you like them soft or around 90 minutes for harder centres, and will require something fairly industrial to get through the 4mm shell.

Each ostrich egg contains about as much egg as 24 standard hen eggs, hence the supermarket suggesting you buy one to be a centrepiece at a dinner party. Because Waitrose shoppers have friends and do dinner parties. A limited number of Waitrose branches in places that even sound posh like Richmond, Oakgrove, Marylebone and Twickenham are stocking this massive egg. [Waitrose via The Times]