We're Becoming a Nation of Brave Little Soldiers

By Gary Cutlack on at

People tracking the sickness habits of the workers of the country think we've been toughening up for some reason, as the number of staff who go in to work even though they're feeling a bit unwell is rocketing. We are no longer the sickie leaders of Europe.

That's according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, which says 86 per cent of businesses have seen a rise in ill-ish people turning up to work anyway -- a phenomenon they call presenteeism. Although, instead of praising this newfound national sense of hard work through adversity, they're saying it's a bad thing. Because brave, sick little you might infect other staff and even the boss, leading to a dread drop in productivity.

A well person from CIPM explained: "The presence of ill people at work can be more costly to the business than their absence, not only if illness is transmitted to other colleagues, but also because ill employees are likely to work less effectively than usual, may be more susceptible to costly mistakes, take longer to recover from their illness and cause lower workplace morale."

So they seem to be saying it's best to take all the days off you need, even for little bruises on your knees. [CIPD via Independent]

Image credit: Unsplash