White £2k Creme Egg Remains Lost in Distribution Chain

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sorry to go mentioning easter in early May when you're trying to forget chocolate exists in order to fit in your video game t-shirts again, but it's to do with that white Creme Egg promotion. Cadbury says no one ever came forward to claim the £2k prize, so all of those ruined eggs that had their skins peeled back were rifled through in vain.

Cadbury says the winning £2,000 prize egg was hidden in a batch sent to the Co-op, but no one's ever contacted the maker to get the prize money sent over. So the egg is/was either:

  • Eaten whole in the dark by a sad person who didn't notice.
  • Eaten by a child who didn't understand.
  • Being saved by a clean-eater to be enjoyed during a future moment of weakness.
  • Rolled away in shop.
  • Still in a garden where the Easter Bunny hid it.
  • Still in a regional Co-op, discounted to perhaps as little as 99p for six.

Cadbury set a deadline of May 1 for winners to claim their prize, although it may be open to convincing if you happen to magically find a white one stashed in a sock drawer, as the confectioner said: "Although the final day for White Creme Egg winners to claim their prize passed on May 1 and the £2,000 prize was not claimed, if someone comes forward with the winning egg we will look at it on a case by case basis." [Independent]