YouTube Speed Test Claims OnePlus 6 is the Fastest Phone on the Market

By Tom Pritchard on at

The OnePlus 6 properly arrives tomorrow, with reviews hitting the web today to showcase what sort of phone it is. Spoiler: it's good, and cheap, if a bit bland. OnePlus's entire marketing campaign is focused on the new handset's speed, with the slogan "The Speed You Need" being thrown around all the time. But how fast is the OnePlus 6, and more importantly are there other phones that are faster? Not according to a speed test from YouTube channel Web Hacks.

Web Hacks put the phone up against the Galaxy S9, iPhone X, and OnePlus 5t, in a series of tests that are supposed to indicate real-world usage. That involves apps being opened up on each handset, then each device cycles through the rotation. Whoever does it the fastest is deemed the winner. And according to the video, the OnePlus 6 came out on top by completing the cycle in 44 seconds. The iPhone X came in second with 47, followed by OnePlus 5T and Galaxy S9 which both managed it in 51 seconds.

It's worth remembering that this is hardly the most robust test in the world, especially since a phone's performance can diminish once you start loading it with apps and data. Still, straight out of the box the OnePlus 6 has a slight edge over the competition, which is perfectly in line with what OnePlus seems to be trying to achieve. It's also worth mentioning that OnePlus promises its devices won't suffer from any performance degradation over its lifespan, which means its performance on day one will be the same as its performance in a year or two.

While there's no doubt more people will be doing their own speed tests, with their own testing criteria, over the coming weeks, it's nice to see that the OnePlus 6 appears to be as speedy as the company claims. [Trusted Reviews]