1 Million OnePlus 6 Devices Were Sold Within a Month

By Tom Pritchard on at

Five years ago OnePlus didn't exist. Now their handsets are some of the most hotly anticipated devices on the market, which isn't too bad. It's nowhere near as popular as Apple and Samsung, but OnePlus does have that dedicated fanbase - a fanbase that purchased over a million OnePlus 6 devices within the first 22 days of sale.

That number comes straight from OnePlus CEO Peter Lau, who revealed the sales stat to Business Insider. The figure is nowhere near as impressive as bigger companies who can shift tens of millions of devices in the first month of release, but it is a new record for OnePlus. According to Lau the OnePlus 5 and 5T both took three months to sell that many devices, and he confirmed that he's happy with how the phone is performing.

Obviously OnePlus doesn't quite have the same level of distribution as its competitors. Here in the UK unlocked OnePlus phones are only available directly from the OnePlus store, while O2 has exclusive rights to sell the phone bundled with its own services. It's a similar story in the US, with local networks generally ignoring OnePlus in favour of more popular brands. Since the majority of Americans buy their phones directly from the network, it severely limits the availability of the OnePlus 6.

But OnePlus is making its mark, and has the aforementioned loyal fanbase. With good reason too. The OnePlus 6 might seem like a fairly average device without all the flash and pizzazz of other smartphones, but it does come with a strong set of features, a powerful battery, and most importantly a low price. With smartphones seemingly getting more and more expensive with each passing year, a powerful phone that can be purchased for less than £500 is definitely appealing. It's a good phone, so if you're in the market for something new it's well worth checking out. [Business Insider via The Verge]