£160,000 Flat in London is Just as Destitute as You'd Expect

By Tom Pritchard on at

Living in London is not cheap. Those lucky enough to afford to buy their own houses and avoid paying rent still have to pay extortionate amounts of money for pretty much everything. Sometimes, though, there are rare occasions where something relatively affordable hits the market. The downside is that the one I'm talking about is just as destitute as you might expect.

The £160,000 studio apartment is located about half a mile from West Hampstead station, and has a total 10.9 square metres of floor space (118 sq ft). That's not actually a typo, it's a whole property that's actually smaller than my bedroom. In fact, I think it's smaller than all the bedrooms I've ever had, including the times when I lived in London and space was a premium.

But this also isn't even a proper flat in a complex, it's part of a house that's been converted into a separate property. Plus, even though it's on the top floor you don't get access to the attic. It's not clear what it's being used for, though I wouldn't be shocked if someone told me that was also officially a separate property.

According to the listing this property has a separate bathroom, which you can see in the images, a "compact" kitchen area, and enough floor space for a sofa bed or mattress. it also has some pretty grim looking tiling in the bathroom, and a distinct lack of doors under the kitchen counter. It shouldn't surprise anyone that this has been used as a rental property, rather than the previous buyer's home. The shower screen doesn't look like it'll be much good either, and who wouldn't want to live in a place with washing machine pipes in the middle of the floor?

According to the listing this place is:

"In need of some updating the property would be an ideal first project or an excellent rental investment having been rented for a number of years without any void periods."

One of those options is more likely, I reckon. I know for a fact that I would not pay £160,000 to live here. Not when you can get proper multi-room flats for roughly the same amount just outside London. Remind me why people actually want to live there again? [Metro]