A Bakewell Pudding is the Star of the Weirdest Reboot of Lost in Space

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you hear the phrase 'lost in space' you might think of the new Netflix series, Matt LeBlanc, or the classic TV series, not a homemade dessert from Derbysire. But now we kind of have to, because a Bakewell Pudding launched into the upper atmosphere has gone missing. Somehow.

Firing stuff up into what everyone calls space is a popular thing these days. Whether it's pies, smartphones, or a man covered in Red Bull branding. It's also not that difficult, which is why students at S. Anselm's Preparatory School in Derbyshire decided they would send a homemade Bakewell Pudding into space for a science project. it was all fun and games until the pudding went missing.

The sweet treat had been attached to a high altitude balloon, complete with a camera and tracking equipment that would let them document the pudding's progress into the heavens. It had hoped the pudding would reach a height of 140,000 feet, but instead they lost track of it less than halfway up. Last they heard it was 52,500ft above Saxilby, near Lincoln, before going the way of the Robinson family.

Maybe they'll get lucky and the equipment will ping back to life. Maybe the pudding will fall to Earth and be discovered. The school has confirmed there are contact details on the project, meaning anyone who finds it should be able to get in touch. Or maybe the pudding will be lost to space forever, only to be discovered and sampled by aliens. Assuming it hasn't been abducted already.

If its any consolation to the kids, they managed to raise £1,600 after persuading local businesses to sponsor the project. All that money is going to Guide Dogs for the Blind. [BBC News]